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Employee Recruiting and Hiring

Taos HR ganics understands the unique challenges that business owners face in recruiting qualified candidates particularly in Northern New Mexico. We offer diverse and cost effective ways to recruit the right person for your employment vacancies. We will assist you in conducting professional screening and interviews of potential employees that will ensure only the best qualified and the candidate that is the right fit, is working for you.

Customer Service

Delivering the best customer service is critical for both public and private agencies. Taos HR ganics will work with you to develop a superior customer service program that will empower your employees and keep your customers coming back. Taos HR ganics works with all departments developing and communicating service standards. Taos HR ganics delivers unique training and strategies to maintain high service levels and increase customer loyalty.

Performance Management & Accountability

Every organization has goals and stakeholders. Strong employee performance drives successful goal attainment for the organization’s stakeholders. Effective performance management and accountability is the key to success. Most employee performance appraisal systems are underutilized, broken, ineffective or simply do not exist. Let Taos HR ganics develop an appraisal program that enhances your business or organization. Our performance management system is aligned with the organization’s compensation strategy. A strong performance management system aligned with a performance based pay strategy is a powerful results-oriented business tool.

Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Awareness, Prevention & Investigation

Preventing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace is critical to the human resources function for any organization. Taos HR ganics provides the management team with the expertise, policies, procedures and training to protect employees and the organization from harassment, discrimination and potential liability. If your operation is faced with sexual harassment complaints, Taos HR ganics investigates charges quickly and efficiently. Taos HR ganics will provide you with a fair, objective investigation and recommendations.

Leadership Training & Development

Leadership skills are essential for a successful organization. Developing leadership skills are crucial for any organization. Taos HR ganics can determine each organization’s training needs and deliver cost-effective and practical leadership training programs including: new supervisor orientation, professional skill sets for new managers, coaching and delegating, time management and many more. Taos HR ganics strives to develop effective programs that work for you and your organization.

Employee Reward, Incentive & Retention Programs

Human resources keep every organization competitive and successful. Retaining skilled, valuable talent is a challenge for any operation. By developing a strategic, consistent employee rewards and recognition system, an organization can thrive and retain talented people. Taos HR ganics can help you reduce recruiting and training costs by implementing a rewards program the will help your employees do their best everyday. Employees who feel appreciated work harder and add to the bottom line of any organization.

New Employee Orientation/On-the-Job Training Design

Taos HR ganics can design high-impact new employee orientation and on-the-job training programs that clearly communicate the operation’s goals, policies and expectations. Taos HR ganics will also train your current human resources staff or managers on how to deliver these programs internally.

Human Resources Audits

Auditing all or specific portions of the Human Resources practices offers an excellent opportunity to review existing policies, procedures, legal compliance, employee relations, dealing with employee complaints, communications, documentation and record retention. Solutions and implementation of acceptable practices offers proactive insurance against state or federal intervention.

Salary Administration Consulting

Taos HR ganics provides assistance in developing salary surveys, salary administration and compensation programs. We offer ADA compliant job descriptions and a pay-for-performance evaluation system to fit all size organizations.

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